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Cave Des Ours is renowned for its Lebanese Apple Wine and Apple Arak. We are the first apple winery and distillery in Lebanon and Middle East. Driven by our passion and love for sharing the exquisite taste of our products, the main focus of Cave Des Ours remains to offer the highest quality of Wine and Arak.

Apple Wine


Cave des Ours produces two different types of apple wine, blanc de pomme  and  ourson. Our wine is made from  five types of apples harvested for this purpose.  Our wine goes well with spicy dishes, fish,  bleu cheese, desserts and dried fruits. 

Apple Arak


Cave des Ours Arak is made from 100% apple juice and green anise. We distill the Arak three times to get the pure, authentic and traditional Lebanese drink. In addition, Cave Des Ours offers two types of Arak with a different percentage of alcohol: Arak Premium with 63% alcohol and regular Arak with 53% alcohol.



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